Neon Video is one of the first companies in Italy to test an audio-narrating system for cinema theatres. In 2006, it supported a series of screenings accessible to blind and partially sighted people at the National Cinema Museum of Turin.

This operation allows to “tell” a film by sending to the audiences’ headphones a pre-recorded voice which describes what is happening on the scene, simply and clearly. Such a voice interacts with the sound track, the voices and the noises of the original film, in perfect synchronisation.

Here again, we are not afraid to work with old film copies that has no DTS. Our aim is to maintain a high level sound synchrony, in order not to overlap the voice in the headphones with the dialogues coming from the screen, without needing preparatory tests.

The same software can also be used for any kind of translation in headphones, a technique sometimes used instead of electronic subtitling.