The creation of a subtitle track is composed of several work phases, therefore the price may vary according to the work that has to be done. In order to present a detailed quotation, it is important for us to know the product to be worked on and the final use of the subtitle track. Neon Video asks its customers for a copy of the video, usually a DVD, and the script, which could also be a list of dialogues, the actual script or an international subtitle file. Whenever a written track is not found, the work may be accomplished with a “listening translation” starting from the video itself.

For electronic subtitling other information is required about the event: number of screenings, the kind of cinemas, and if there are projectors available for subtitling or not.

Unlike other companies in Italy Neon Video only deals with subtitles that are rigorously synchronised. The cost of the process is amortised by the client mostly when there will be not only one single screening but also the possibility of using the file again in the future for other screenings, or for burning onto video or film copies. Our translators also work on synchronised files, with a specific editing software designed to help them recognise easily neglected operations, when using an ordinary word processor.