Electronic projection is a subtitling technique used in Italy for the last 10 years, which allows the subtitle track to be placed on the original version of a film screened in a movie theatre. This process offers a remarkable cutting down of working costs: subtitles are visualised underneath the screen thanks to a notebook connected to a video projector, so the previous burning on the movie copy is no longer needed. This has a double advantage: the translation can be modified up until the last moment, and the original copy (film or video) is kept unchanged, ready to be used on every occasion, with or without subtitles.

It often occurs that a bad subtitle projection, not well synchronised, spoils the comprehension of a film. Some operators, discouraged by the unpredictability of the film stock, drop the possibility of using a synchronised file, contenting themselves with a manual launch, often risky and imprecise.

Neon Video was conceived for collaboration with festivals and art house theatres, which moving beyond the mass market, have to deal with film copies spoilt by the years (ruined or with parts missing) or not fully coherent, in the cut, to the screener copy sent by the distributor: all problems that have to be dealt with by the subtitle technicians.

Our software is the result of the knowledge we have acquired during the years with a lot of field-tests: a complete and dynamic tool which gives the best performance where synchronisation and readability are concerned, even when dealing with non-perfect products. Complex situations can be dealt with, without needing preparatory tests and also minimising the risk of interruption during the film screenings.